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Client Duties

There are broad ranging issues that must be considered and addressed by any commercial building owner and the list grows even bigger when undertaking alterations to a property, such as a fit-out. Any commercial property owner will need to ask themselves a range of questions:-

Suitability for Purpose

Is the property suitable for its intended use? Can it be suitably adapted? Can I do what I want to do based on my current budget within the time-scales I have set?

Dilapidations Liability

What is my maintenance liability for the property based on my proposed lease? What does this mean now and in the future? How much will this cost me? How can I minimise my liability before I sign my lease?

CDM 2015

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 impose legal duties on construction clients. What are they and how can I comply with my duties?

Planning Applications

Does the work proposed require Planning Permission, Advertisement Consent, Listed Building Consent or Change of Use? What are the time-scales involved in obtaining these consents?

Building Regulations

Will the work proposed require Building Regulations approval? Does my proposed layout comply? Can the landlord undertake enabling works to make my compliance cheaper?

Party Walls

Will the work proposed require compliance with the Party Wall etc Act 1996? What are the likely time-scales and costs involved? Could this delay my project?


Under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, if you own, occupy, manage or have responsibilities for non-domestic premises (or common areas within domestic premises) which may contain asbestos, you have a legal duty to manage the risk. How can I ensure compliance? What will this involve?

Landlord Approval

How does my lease limit what works I can and cannot undertake to the property? Does the landlord have any onerous and costly criteria that I must meet in order to obtain landlord approval?

Project Procurement

What is the best procurement route for my project in order to achieve my time, cost and quality requirements?

These are just a few of the questions that must be considered when taking on commercial property and prior to undertaking construction work. MGPM will guide you through these issues and more.

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