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Planning & Building Regulations

Planning legislation and Building Regulations will have an impact on a large proportion of construction projects. An early and detailed understanding of both are important from conceptual stage in order to assess what can and cannot be achieved, to feed in to the project programme, and to assess elements of risk.


Most new buildings or major changes to existing buildings need permission from the Local Authority by way of planning permission. Some minor works external to a building will also require consent, such as installation or replacement of shopfront signage and shopfronts. As planning permission can take 8 weeks or more from registration of an application, it is important to identify the elements in a project that will require permission at an early stage to prevent costly delays to the project. Other factors such as Listed Building status, Conservation Areas and Tree Preservation Orders can add extra significant constraints to a project, so must be considered at project planning stage.

With our experience and understanding of the legislation, MGPM are in the perfect position to provide advice on what consents are required, to advise on what work it is possible to undertake without permission, and to make applications on a client’s behalf as appropriate.

Should your planning needs be more complex or involve a difficult dispute / appeal MGPM are able to consult and if needed appoint a specialist planning consultant who can advise on the best way to proceed.


All but the most minor work will usually require Building Regulation Approval, which is entirely separate from planning permission. The Regulations cover almost every aspect of building design including fire safety, the correct use of materials, energy conservation and disabled access.

At MGPM all of our Project Managers are from either a Building Surveying or architectural background with many years industry experience, so can advise on projects to ensure compliance with the Regulations. We recognise the importance of making critical design decisions at an early stage, and have developed close relationships with Approved Inspectors to enable us to seek early advice and agreement of details before an application is made to reduce risk. MGPM can make applications to either the Approved Inspectors or the Local Authority on the Client’s behalf as part of the overall Project Management package.

Clients should be aware that the Regulations and procedures in Scotland and Ireland are different to England and Wales. MGPM has extensive experience in both these countries and can provide planning and Building Regulation advice and make applications on a Client’s behalf.

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